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Our Promise

May sound a 'cliche' but Sienns Developments do promise you excellant overall workmanship, total reliability, 100% commitment, effort & care on the works.


We will treat your property like it is our own, we always leave the site/home as clean as it was when we entered, to where it is possible. We promise that when we start your works, we will be with you until the project is completed, we will not move on to other jobs while your works are not finished.


If you say 'yes' for Sienns Developments to carry out your works, you will always be in control of the money to be paid for the job. What I mean by this is, we ask for no deposit, the way in which we work the payments out are... We will give you a time scale for how long the job will go on for, and you will have the price of the job. We will then divide the cost up by the number of weeks and this will be the weekly/ fortnightly payments you make. example . . . £5000 job, 5 weeks, so £1000 a week to be paid to us. If you are not happy with the amount of work that has been carried out and you bring this to my attention and I agree, then you don't pay that week! Like I say you are always in control of the money in the job. We can sort out different payment structures for yourselves if necessary.


Also once Sienns Developments have given you a price, be sure we WILL NOT come back to you and say ' I am very sorry, I have made a mistake, the price will be more'. If I have got the price wrong then this is my fault and you will not have to pay extra. The only scenario in which this is possible is if there is a totally unforseen problem which could not be seen by either myself or yourselves, then we will sit down and work this out as necessary. Or obviously if you, the customer ask us to carry out extras along the way. 


I can say as much and talk up Sienns Developments as highly as I like, but you don't have to take my word for it - read our testimonials to get an idea how we performed for previous customers.


I do promise we will not let you down and you will be 100 % satisfied with our workmanship.

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We even supply our own teabags!
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